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I listened to Daughter a lot on my recent trip to Europe. Rather, they are all I listen to, the entire two weeks I was there. We went on a lot of long train rides to different cities, and I read a few different books. All of which were set to the tone of their 3 albums/Eps. 

It’s weird, because every song now has a story behind it, and it’s emotional, and it hurts. I am a firm believer that most things need a soundtrack, and these books were quite consuming, but made even more so by these albums. I don’t know how else to describe it besides overwhelming. I think that the feeling of loss, sadness, and also the feeling of love are on the same level, and for me, Daughter brings both of those feelings front and center. It made those long train rides and the world of my books more centered, and also a bit lonely. So thank you Daughter, for my new soundtrack of Germany.

Garmisch, Germany. 2013.

Garmisch, Germany. 2013.

If You Leave.

Daughter. To me it seems as if each song just trails right into the next.  Each Ep just continues right where the last left off. Their debut is no exception. Mostly every song is very Daughter like, except when you hit track 8, Human. I loved the change in pace and how they slowly form it back into their style, but the upfront instruments make it for a good and catchy change. Overall it was a nice album to get into. What I am most excited for in this album is for fall to come, and being able to listen and and absorb without the sun coaxing me outside. 

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So I stumbled upon this jewel. I’m ashamed to say that I did not know Daughter had released their debut a few months ago. I’ve been quite out of it. That to say I have been listening over it the past day and am looking forward to falling in love with it soon.

I can’t really describe how this makes me feel. I’ll admit that over the years I have lost a bit of respesct for them as individuals. But I am happy to say that that has no reflection on their music for me. Quite a few people ask me about my tattoo and if I regret it because of them, I think that’s silly. It’s the impact their music has on me, not them as people. And that is completely valid. 

They have passion, and love for something that has healed me. And I can’t ask for anything more.


As artists grow they change their sound and how they act, it’s part of the process. It makes me so upset that “fans” get so upset when something is even slightly different about their favorite band or artist. Everyone grows up. Patrick Stump is incredibly talented and deserves understanding and respect no matter where he deicides to go as an artist. 


There’s this really nice piece at by Jacob Tender that a friend forwarded me today. It’s about how important Fall Out Boy’s album “From Under the Cork Tree,” was to him. After reading it though, nostalgic and well-written as it was, I really found myself more depressed than…..

"Jesus & religion are on opposite spectrums - One is the work of God, and one is a man made invention. One is the cure and the other is the infection." 

I love this. I find that when people hear the name Jesus they think of religion, which brings them to think of a boxed in way of living that they feel they can’t fit in. When in reality Jesus has nothing to do with “religion”.